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Staff Directory

To contact Beeman faculty and staff via email, please use the individual's first initial and last name followed by @anesu.org.  Example: jdoe@anesu.org   To reduce spam we do not post our emails on the website.  If you have questions regarding a  name, please contact the call the school for the correct email address.  
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NamePositionVoice Mail Extension
NamePositionVoice Mail Extension
Alex Morse Art 4204 
Amanda Morse Special Education Grades K-2 4201 
Andy Flood Grades 4/5/6 Class Teacher 4209 
Annette Carter Grades 4/5/6 Class Teacher 4210 
Arnell Paquette Grades 4/5/6 Class Teacher 4207 
Gerhard Meyer Custodian 4003 
Heather Cosgrove Special Education - Grades 4-6 4201 
Jared Danyow General Education Paraeducator  
Jennifer Johnson Grade 3 Class Teacher 4106 
Kim Norton Nurse 4104 
Kristine Evarts Principal 4103 
Leeann Sheets Communication Facilitator  
Linda Kulhowvick Grade k/1 Class Teacher 4114 
Lydia Davison Grades 1/2 Class Teacher 4115 
Margaret Benn Math/Literacy Interventionist 4109 
Mary Pat Roche Secretary 4101 
Meaghan Rice Counselor 4007 
Melissa Vortsteveld Speech/Language  4205 
Robin Shalline Grade 3 Class Teacher 4106 
Ross Greene Wellness 4300 
Ryan Cornellier Instructional Support  
Sarah Metcalf Music 4110 
Sheryl Kimball Instructional Support  
Susie Snow Librarian/Technology Integrationist 4013 
Showing 24 items