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SmartBoard Resources

Find Pre-made Notebook Lessons:

Interactive Sites to use on the Smartboard:
  • Classroom Jeopardy - Create your own Jeopardy game and play it on the SmartBoard.
  • Art Pad - Brought to you by Art.com - paint online
  • Bomomo.com - truly unique online creation tool.  Words just can't describe...
  • Mr. Picasso Head - You too can draw like Picasso!
  • This is Sand - Sand art without the mess.  Lots of fun.
  • Bookworm - Great Scrabble type game.
  • Electricity - The Blobz guide to electric circuits
  • Science - by BBC.  Interactive sites about physical processes such as circuits, sounds, forces, magnets and more.
  • Science - by BBC.  Interactive sites about Living Things such as food chains, plant growth, life cycles and more.
  • Science - by BBC.  Interactive sites about Materials such as rocks and soils, solids and liquids, states of matter and more.
  • BBC Bitesize - Great interactive sites in English, Math and Science.  Also, wonderful video clips in a wide range of areas.
  • Reading - Making Inferences
  • Reading - Into the Book - Reading Comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers.
  • Power Proofreading 
    Choose the grade level and the passage you would like to proofread. Fun graphics and sound.
  • Harcourt School - Online activities in many areas including math, science, reading and social studies.
  • Math - Online math dictionary for kids with great examples
  • Mexico - brought to you by Mr. Nussbaum.com
  • Kenya - from Time for Kids
  • Africa/Nigeria - from PBS Kids
  • Human Body - by Kids Health.org
  • Jigsaw Planet - online puzzle application
  • Jig Zone - another online jigsaw puzzle application - more ways to customize these puzzles.

"Smart" Tools:

Responsive Classroom Resources

Origins - Website for educators.  Click on Teaching Ideas for many activity ideas.

FunAttic - Ideas for many games and activities sorted by category.

Wellness Sites