School Counselor

Counselor's News & Information

Hello, my name is Meaghan Rice and I am the school counselor at Beeman Elementary School.

When at Beeman Elementary School, students may see me individually, in small groups, or in a classroom setting. If you would like to contact me for any reason, I can be reached by phone at 802-453-2331, ext. 215, or by email: Please do not hesitate to contact me.

As the counselor, I have the privilege of getting to know and supporting students and their families. I work with students in classrooms, in small groups, and in individual short-term counseling. I provide support in crisis situations, in consultation with parents/guardians and teachers, and in the school system.

I am available to support ALL children at Beeman Elementary School and want to ensure that everyone has a productive and enjoyable experience in school.

In the Classroom
The counselor supports children’s developmental needs and personal/social skills in grades K-6 through classroom units of study. Subject areas include, but are not limited to, emotional awareness, friendship, respect, responsibility, self-regulation, self-esteem, assertiveness and bullying.

Small Group Counseling
Small group counseling is available to all students, with parent/guardian permission. In these small groups, children work on similar issues together, such as friendship, worries, anger, feelings, bullying, changing families, or self-esteem. These groups usually consist of 4-8 students, meet once weekly, and last for 6-8 weeks. A parent/guardian, teacher, or school staff member may refer children to these groups.

Individual Counseling
Short-term counseling is available to all students in grades K-6. Students may request to see the counselor at anytime, staff and teachers may refer a child to counseling, or a parent/guardian can contact me to refer their child.  If individual counseling is recommended beyond an initial meeting, parents will be contacted.

Parent Support
I especially enjoy working with parents!   Parenting is, without a doubt, both a rewarding and frustrating, sometimes infuriating, job!   And, just in case we start to get complacent, each developmental phase brings on a new set of challenges.  Parenting can also be lonely and it is important to have kindred souls to share the joys and setbacks.  Please let me know if I can help and consider signing up for a parenting group.